Camping Rules - Stork Camping Village

Art. 1 – The guests must hand over their identity card for registration and read the “Internal Campsite and Resorts Rules”.

Art. 2 – Please bring always with you your personal Camping pass that you received by the check-in desk and show it on request. Furthermore you must show it to the life guard assistant when you enter the swimming-pool and when you go in and out of the Campsite.

Art. 3 – Visitors can enter the camping only on foot from 7.00 am to 09.00 pm, but before they must hand over an identification document at the reception. At the reception they have to pay the regular daily ticket to be given bracelet or camping pass authorizing the access. Visitors without authorization will be reported for house breaking according to the law art. 614 of the Italian penal code.

Art. 4 – The Management has the right, on its unquestionable judgment, not to admit undesirable guests or guests exceeding the maximum number of people allowed inside the premises.

Art. 5 – The office hours and the opening hours of the different facilities are shown directly on the different buildings. Cash desk: form 07.00 am to 09.00 pm. Cash deposits and withdrawals can be made only when the cash desk is open.

Art. 6 – Each guest must take care of the things of his propriety. The management is not responsible for any reason for the loss or theft of valuables.

Art. 7 – Departures and arrivals are regulated in order of the displayed times. On the departure day, guests must leave their pitches before 12.00am After this time another day will be charged. Bungalows must be left before 10.00 am.

Art. 8 – Camping pitches and bungalows will always be assigned by the Management. Please pay attention by putting up tends or positioning caravans or parking cars; these operations must never cause problems to other vehicles moving around the campsite.

Art. 9 – It is forbidden to anchor with wire curtains or coverings directly on the trees. It is forbidden do change the status of the ground. It is forbidden to build up fences or similar.

Art. 10 – The pitches must be completely cleaned at the day of departure.

Art. 11 – Electrical connections will be provided only for those who have a suitable EEC standard cable and plug. It is forbidden to install or use any kind of non-standard floodlight not indicated on at the campsite lighting plan.

Art. 12 – Cars must be parked in the car parking and inside the camping all vehicles must proceed at 10km/h max. The car recognizing sticker must always be visible.

Art. 13 – The entrance gate will be closed from 02.00 pm To 04.00 pm and from 08.00 pm to 07.00 am. During this time it is forbidden to enter or exit the Campsite with any motor vehicle. From 02.00 pm to 04.00 pm and from 11.30 pm to 07.00 am it’s silence time; for this reason all the loud activities such as packing or unpacking tents, listen to loud radios or TV, washing dishes by the restrooms buildings, etc. are forbidden. Disturbers will be expelled from the Camping.

Art. 14 – It is not allowed to damage plants or campsite equipment. It is also forbidden to dig ditches around tents, pour hot or salt water on the ground, start open air fires. The Management is not responsible for damages caused by falling trees, branches or other damages caused by unforeseeable events. The use of grill is submitted to Management’s authorization and it is admitted only with a bucket of water near the grill.

Art. 15 – Children must always be accompanied when using the campsite’s services and facilities, the swimming-pool or toilets etc. Parents are responsible for their children. The direction declines any responsibility.

Art. 16 – Dogs are allowed only in the assigned area. They must be kept on a leash. Owners are responsible for any damage caused by their pets. Pets must be led outside the camping for their daily needs.

Art. 17 – In reference to art. 4, paragraph 1 to the 2010 local bathing order (activities on the beach, Abruzzo Coast), the owners and beach managers decided that pets up to 6-7 kg max. have beach access.

Art. 18 – During the night it’s forbidden to stay on the beach, any damage to person or propriety will be charged to those who don’t observe the ban and are still on the beach.

Art. 19 – Paper and garbage must be collected in the containers located by the Market or by the entrance of the Camping.

Art. 20 – We dissuade the children the use of bikes during the evening hours because it is dangerous.

Art. 21 – Letters and correspondence must be collected personally from an adult at the reception. Arriving phone calls will be recorded in the reception and communicated by the staff personally if the interested people asks for it. The loud-speaker will be used only for urgent calls.

Art. 22 – Each infectious disease must be communicated immediately to the Manager.

Art. 23 – For boats or surfs you can use the northern area of the beach; please remember that you can start the engine only 500 meters away from the coast as disposition of the harbour-master’s office.

Art. 24 – Guests who have visitors must communicate it as legal disposition at the check in, handing out or taking back the bracelet, and they must be sure that the movement will be registered on the guests stay. Otherwise, all the movements that are not communicated will not be considered and charged on the amount of the stay.

Art. 25 – Entrance to the campsite implies the full observance of these Rules, which may be integrated by additional rules and regulations by the Management, in order to run the Campsite in the best possible way.

Art. 26 – All the staff is authorized to tell guests to respect these regulations and to inform the Management of any unobserved rules. Anyone breaking the regulations will be asked to leave the campsite immediately.

Camping Management is not responsible for the following:
1. theft of valuable and precious objects which have not been deposited in the camping safe;
2. theft of personal objects left unguarded,

1. Management reserves the right to allow/not allow entrance to visitors and daily guests;
2. Resident guests need to inform the management about the arrival of their visitors before their arrival;
3. Visitors and daily guests need to leave their valid ID. at the reception office until they leave the campsite;
4. Visitors and daily guests are subject to entrance fees.
No visitors are allowed in the village after 9:00pm (except for Restaurant customers)

1. People under 18 are not allowed to enter alone the campsite. An adult must be with them and will be legally responsible for them;
2. Kids under 12 must to be with an adult when using the different services, facilities and toilets.

1. The mail recipient needs to pick up his/her mail at the reception office.
2. Uncollected mail will be sent back to the sender after 7 days.

Camping Management is not responsible for the following:
1. theft of valuables and precious objects which have not been deposited in the camping safe;
2. theft of personal objects left unguarded;
3. any damages caused by other guests, circumstances beyond control, natural calamities, insects, diseases and epidemics (including plants), and other causes which do not directly depend on the Camping staff negligence

1. Guests must place their garbage inside the nearest waste disposals.
2. Recycling is mandatory inside Stork Family Camping: paper, plastic and glass must be placed inside the special containers located by the beach street, behind the restaurant and in southern area of the village.

1. Camping pitches are always assigned by Management.
2. Tents’ and caravans’ parking must be done following Management’s guide lines.
3. For no reason tents and caravans can obstruct the domestic circulation.

1. Dig waterways around tents or caravans;
2. Leave rubbish by the camping pitch or outside the containers;
3. Pour any kind of liquids (except water) on the ground;
4. Light outdoor fires;
5. Wash cars or any other vehicle outside of the dedicated area;
6. Attach canvases to the trees;
7. Modify ground’s conditions and appearance;
8. Put up fences around the pitch (unless approved by the Management);
9. Use more than one plug per electrical connection per pitch. Guests who do not respect this rule will be asked to leave the campsite;
10. Have more than one gas unit per pitch.

1. Bungalows and mobile homes are available for guests after 5:00pm.
2. Guests are requested to leave bungalows and mobile homes returning the keys at the reception desk before 10 am of the departure day.
3. Campers are requested to leave the pitch before 12:00pm of the departure day. In case of delay without previous communication to Management, guests will be charged with an additional daily fee
4. From 02.00 pm to 04.00 pm and from 11.30 pm to 7:00 am, it is “silence time”: any activity which might disturb the quiet of the campsite such as:
putting up tents
listening to loud radio or TV
driving any kind of motor vehicles inside the camping
entering or leaving the village with any kind of motor vehicle (the gate is closed)
it is strictly forbidden.

Please note that:
Electrical connections must match the EEC plugs and cables’ standards.
Linen and cloths, pots and pans must be washed only in the appropriate sinks located outside of the restrooms areas (no laundry or dish washing during silence time).
In case of any kind of infectious disease, guests must immediately inform the management.


1. Dogs must be declared at check-in. Dogs’ owners will be given a bungalow or pitch in the dogs’ owners dedicated area.
2. Dogs with no vaccination certificate cannot be allowed inside the campsite.
3. Dogs must be kept on a leash and muzzled.
4. Dogs’ owners are responsible for any damage caused by their animals.
5. According to Italian law, dogs’ owners must take care of their animals and clean after them. In case these rules are not respected, a summon will be issued (from 50,00 up to 250,00 Euros).
6. Only dogs up to maximum 20 kg are allowed.
7. Dogs can access the stretch of free beach, but not the private / equipped one. They can’t bathe.

The Campsite Management has the right to force out those guests who, one way or another, infringe the campsite’s regulations or disturb the quiet and harmony of the Camping community.



Dear Valued Client, below you can find the rules for the proper use of your My Smart Cash bracelet.

1. The My Smart Cash service is reserved exclusively to Camping Village clients staying overnight at the Camping Village, with the express exclusion of any daily guests who do not stay overnight. The bracelet is provided at check-in to all the aforementioned clients and must be worn for the entire period of stay in the Camping Village to help Camping Village’s operators to identify their clients. Where technologically possible, the bracelet will also allow access to the Camping Village and/or its areas.

2. If the client wishes to do so, a credit amount can be loaded on the bracelet and used for purchasing services from the Camping Village businesses operating in it. The maximum credit that can be loaded on each bracelet is € 300.00.

3. The bracelet is personal and cannot be used by anyone other than the person to whom it is given during check-in.

4. Bracelets can be recharged at the authorised points in the Camping Village using credit/debit cards or, in special cases, using cash (further information on the authorised cash points can be obtained from the Camping Village reception desk).

5. To use the credit on the bracelet, the client must notify of his or her intention to do so before a receipt is issued by the business operator.

6. In case of loss, damage or malfunction of the bracelet, the client shall immediately notify the management of the Camping Village where the bracelet was issued, providing a receipt showing the bracelet identification code to timely block the bracelet and issue a new bracelet on which any credit balance present at the time of the notification will be transferred. The management of the Camping Village may reserve the right to carry out further checks to confirm the identity of the claimant and the correspondence of the identification code to the bracelet.

7. The client may use the bracelet to access the Camping Village until the end of the booking period.

8. Clients may request a full refund of the remaining credit on the bracelet at any time up to:

Client Type: Seasonal Client
Term: Seasonal closure of the Camping Village of reference

Other Client Types (daily excluded)
Term: Client Checkout

In any case, partial refunds will not be provided.

9. Failure by the Camping Village client to request a refund of any remaining credit within the terms specified above will make it impossible for client to receive such a refund.

10. The credit on the bracelet can be used by the client at the Club Del Sole Group Camping Villages where the My Smart Cash service is enabled up to:

Client Type: Seasonal Client
Term: Closing date of the last enabled Camping Village and in any case no later than December 31.

Other Client Types
Term: Seasonal closure of the Camping Village of reference

11. The management of the Camping Village reserves the right to block the bracelets at any time and without prior notice, as well as in the event of fraudulent or incorrect use or damage to Camping Village or any its clients or clients of the Camping Village or Gruppo Club Del Sole, also in case of use of the My Smart Cash service in violation of these regulations.

12. The management of the Camping Village reserves the right to withdraw any benefits acquired unlawfully (e.g. discounts, rewards, etc.), and to take any action against users of the suspended or revoked bracelets.

13. The management of the Camping Village and the businesses operating in it are not responsible for any fraudulent, improper or abusive use of the My Smart Cash service, as well as for any consequences, direct or indirect, related to its malfunction and the malfunction of any management systems beyond the management control.

14. The management of the Camping Village reserves the right to amend the terms and conditions of these rules at any time. In case of amendments, the new rules will be promptly published at the Camping Village and/or made available on its website, as well as – if and when available – through the My Club Del Sole App. Thus, the client is invited to continuously check for updates.

15. The signing of these rules, as well as the use of the My Smart Cash service, imply full and unconditional acceptance of all the clauses contained in this document, which, are available at the Camping Village and published on its website, as well as – if and when available – on the My Club Del Sole App.